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While the main purpose of this blog is to showcase cuisine that is worth sharing, It is also a platform to showcase talent worth talking about. Regardless of race, sex, gender, religious affiliation, age, or social class.

Matthew Currie

When I had asked Matthew where there was an accessible public bathroom in the downtown Portland area, I wasn't expecting him to walk into Rosie's bar looking for a place to kick up his feet. My girlfriend and I were people-watching, tucked away in the corner of the swanky establishment when we spotted the man that had suggested stopping into that very same bar for a beer and a bathroom break. We hadn't known at the time that we were about to make a new friend. 

You can spot Matthew strumming away on his guitar on the streets of Old Port in Southern Maine. Matthew's story of Faith proves that outlook is everything. Subscribe to hear his story.

You can check out his social media pages and improv street performances here.  

And Hey, if you see our friend Matthew, be sure to buy him a beer. 

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