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Fever for LeFebvre

Restaurant: Cerberus Brewing Company

City: Colorado Springs

State: Colorado

Flavor: 3.0/5

Cook: 2.8/5


When I visited Cerberus Brewing Company in 2018, I was overtaken with the elegance of the food and cocktails my friends and I shared one summer afternoon. We dined at the beautiful patio that overlooks a quaint array of wooden chairs nestled around the kind of fire pit that begs to be accompanied by an ice cold beer. My friends and I left with happy bellies and tucked this remarkable spot into our back pockets to share with future Colorado tourists.

After further inquiry I discovered that the man behind the magic was a Chef by the name of Mark Lefebvre, a Culinary Institute of America graduate with experience in renowned restaurants and establishments such as the Biltmore and the Broadmoore hotel.

When I returned again in the fall of 2020, I couldn't wait to share the same plate of sticky wings over toast and brag about the amazing cocktails that were prepared inside the walls of this serene brewery. Vivid memories of a thick buttery slice of Texas Toast drenched in a divine habanero honey wing sauce played through my mind and I could hardly wait to get my hands on one of their famous signature cocktails.

Unfortunately, when we received our order, though well plated and beautifully prepared, it became clear that something had changed. The cocktail, declared to be a chai old fashioned, was delivered to the table as muddy and viscus. There was little to no uniqueness or artistry in the glass and left much to be desired. The wings, though still seasoned and flavored in the same familiar manner, were slightly overcooked. The Texas toast we had waited so long to enjoy, was sadly reduced to a simple piece of dry bread.

Though I was saddened by the reduction in quality, I sought out to discover what had happened to this once legendary brewing company. As it turned out, Mr. LeFebvre had moved on to other endeavors, leaving the restaurant itself with just average bar grub.

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