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The Sushi Roll "King"

Restaurant: Sushi Ring

City: Colorado Springs

State: Colorado

Get Again? YES

Flavor: 4.7/5

Cook: 4.5/5


I have always found myself weary of trying new sushi restaurants. What if the fish isn't fresh? What if I pick it up with my chopsticks and the whole roll falls out like a messy taco? These are groundbreaking components that can make or break a proper sushi establishment, and when I pulled up to the storefront, I'll admit I found myself aloof. Sushi Ring is tucked away in a shopping center near South Nevada. Although this part of town isn't known for having memorable cuisine, I am happy to announce that Sushi Ring has risen to my top two favorite sushi restaurants in Colorado Springs.

Open for 16 years by a snow white-haired man named Elvis, the quaint dining room in this Japanese restaurant is plastered with photographs and memorabilia of the rock and roll king himself; Elvis Presley.

Though the sushi was slightly loose on my first visit to the Sushi Ring, my second visit proved satisfactory. I was able to enjoy the layers and layers of flavor that awoke my tastebuds. By the end of the meal, I could barely imagine eating another bite, and yet I sat contemplating if I could work up the capacity to devour two more rolls.

The pride Elvis takes in his work is clear by the first name basis customers that come to enjoy his cuisine. The work of the Itamae and his apprentices come from the heart, and I am convinced that even Presley himself would have chosen the Garden of the Gods roll, over peanut butter, banana sandwiches!

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